The Sea  [2013]
DirectorStephen Brown
CastSinead Cusack, Ciarán Hinds, Natascha McElhone, Charlotte Rampling, Rufus Swell, Bonnie Wright
The story of a man who returns to the sea where he spent his childhood summers in search of peace following the death of his wife.
After the death of his wife, Max retreats to The Cedars, a house by the sea where he spent his childhood summers. Re-acquainting himself with places past provokes a cathartic reflection as the present draws out powerful memories from one fateful summer many years ago — memories of innocent joy and uplifting warmth, but also of profound tragedy.
Based on the 2005 Booker Prize-winning novel by John Banville.
2013 Screening Schedule
“THE SEA” (2013 feature film directed by Stephen Brown)
Audience buzzZZ---
Runtime1:29 (89min)
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