Scc: Programme 6  [2011]
DirectorPhilippe Baylaucq, Arnaud Brisebois, Andrew Cividino, Stephanie Dudley, Francis Leclerc, Dusty Mancinelli, Sheila Pye, Raha Shirazi
CastIvana Baquero, Vince Barrese, Keith Berry, Lindsey Renée Derry, David Disher, Sarah Fregeau, Kyle Gatehouse, Graham Gauthier, Alexandre Jolicoeur, Tony Porfilio, François Richard, Lauren Semeschuk, Raha Shirazi, Émilie Tremblay, Maribel Verdu, Deborah Verginella, Ryan Ward
Screening as part of SCC: Programme 6:
ORA - An unprecedented, game-changing 3D visual art trip uses infrared technology to capture contemporary dance choreography. Music by Robert Lepage.
Little Theatres: Homage to the Mineral of Cabbage - There's a lot you don't know about cabbage, as this craftily animated tale will tell you.
ACQUA - A celebration of traditions, Acqua presents the quest for water partly as a necessity, partly as a solemn pilgrimage.
Pathways - Young Marco, bullied at school and lonely at home, stumbles upon a dead man's body in the woods.
We Ate the Children Last - A futuristic, but increasingly believable surgical transplant involving a pig's digestive system leads a human population to drastic gastronomic measures in adapted Yan Martel story.
The Red Virgin - Madrid, 1933: Aurora Rodriguez Carballeira shoots to death Hildegart, the 18 year-old daughter she had raised and tailored to become the utopian woman of the future.
Trotteur - A young outcast pits himself in a race against a raging locomotive. Fantastic visual effects add to this powerful tale of man versus machine.
“SCC: PROGRAMME 6” (2011 short films directed by Philippe Baylaucq, Stephanie Dudley, Raha Shirazi, Dusty Mancinelli, Andrew Cividino, Sheila Pye, Arnaud Brisebois, Francis Leclerc)
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LanguageEnglish, Gaelic, Italian
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