Scc: Programme 4  [2011]
DirectorAlexander Gorelick, Sophie Goyette, Darrin Klimek, Chelsea McMullan, Eduardo Menz, Adam Shaheen, Christian Sparkes, Mathieu Tremblay
CastZoe Bell, Léo Caron, Antoine Duchesneau, Hubert Lemire, Stephen Lush, Tegan Macdonald, Milo Manara, Linnea O'Neil, Sean Tyler Ouellet, Stephane Ouellet, Éliane Préfontaine, Mandeep Sanghera, Claire Sergeant
Screening as part of SCC: Programme 4:
Mandeep - Mandeep lives with Tourette's syndrome and other behavioral disorders that make everyday tasks difficult challenges. He's open, honest and uncensored in this sharply focused portrait.
Derailments - Frederico Fellini's unmade film Il viaggio di Mastorna became a comic book, just before Fellini's death. This is the story of how that came to be.
The Devil's Due - When a mysterious box is dropped from the skies, a calm world is turned upside down.
A River in the Woods - A group of kids befriend a monster they find in the woods. Be careful who you play with.
A Film Portrait on Reconstructing 12 Possibilities that Preceded the Disappearance of Zoe Dean Drum - A one of a kind cinematic mystery reveals meticulously created scenes that provide subtle hints about the abduction of its central (and noticeably absent) title character.
Of Events - The rhythm of a train's passage is expressively animated in sharp monochromatic tones, as it carries its cargo across a barren landscape.
La ronde - Twin siblings deal with their father's imminent death: Alexandre feels the need to stay while Ariane has an uncontrollable urge to leave.
“SCC: PROGRAMME 4” (2011 short films directed by Sophie Goyette, Mathieu Tremblay, Eduardo Menz, Christian Sparkes, Alexander Gorelick, Adam Shaheen, Chelsea McMullan, Darrin Klimek)
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LanguageEnglish, French
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