Scc: Programme 3  [2011]
DirectorJean-Guillaume Bastien, Alain Fournier, Ian Harnarine, Mike Maryniuk, Miranda de Pencier, Pedro Pires, John Scoles
CastLoralie Beaupré-Brien, Ken Boodhu, Sanjiv Boodhu, Mathieu Castonguay, Stew Clayton, Bill Croft, Vincent D'Arbouze, Ippiksaut Friesen, Simone-Élise Girard, Susan Hannays-Abraham, Rodrigo Hernan, Pierre-Vincent Jean-Sénéchal, Jennifer Kilabuk, Zuluaga Lopez, Maata Michael, Mélodie Michaud, Darryl Nepinak, Paul Nutarariaq, Vassili Schneider, Lucas Silveira, Errol Sitahal, Brian Tagalik
Screening as part of SCC: Programme 3:
The Yodeling Farmer - Stu Clayton of Manitou, Manitoba is the yodelling farmer, portrayed with humour and wit in this fantastic animated documentary that looks the way yodelling sounds.
Doubles With Slight Pepper - A father's request of his only son, who he left behind in Trinidad, reveals deep wounds and family traditions in this immigrant story that is poetic and heartfelt.
The Weight of Emptiness - A mother and son are in a power struggle - is the boy her little angel as well as the cause of her grief?
Hope - A dying General's final moments on the battlefield takes us on a visceral, and stunningly visual journey into death in Pedro Pires' phenomenal follow up to his award-winning Danse Macabre.
Throat Song - A young Inuit woman seeks to reclaim her voice, lost in a community that's been tragically separated from its past.
Sundays - Putting a surreal twist on the most regular of days, Les Dimanches literally and filmically shakes the normalcy of three narratives at play.
“SCC: PROGRAMME 3” (2011 short films directed by Mike Maryniuk, John Scoles, Ian Harnarine, Alain Fournier, Pedro Pires, Miranda de Pencier, Jean-Guillaume Bastien)
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LanguageEnglish, French
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