Scc: Programme 2  [2011]
DirectorIgor Drljaca, Ian Lagarde, Evan Morgan, DJ Parmar, Matthew Rankin, Benjamin Schuetze, Mark Slutsky
CastAli Adatia, Dan Beirne, Howard Billerman, Trevor Birrell, Sandrine Bisson, Claire Boucher, Robert Calwell, Normand Carrière, Pascal Contamine, Damir Drljaca, Igor Drljaca, Milanko Drljaca, Nezira Drljaca, Rosa Drljaca, Martin Dubreuil, Matt Ellis, Sarah Gravel, Marie-Ginette Guay, Matthew Lawrence, Quinn Lord, Christopher Lovick, Jessica Pare, Christopher Pearce, Jennifer Polansky, BK Rakhra, Alek Rzeszowski, Benjamin Schuetze, Jeremy Schuetze, Sandy Sidhu, Piet Suess, Jacob Tierney
Screening as part of SCC: Programme 2:
Tabula Rasa - A surrealist tale of loss and longing finds forlorn Fernand succumbing to the rising flood waters of the Red River. Slumped in his recliner, he is resigned to nature’s fate.
Solar Wind - The last day before the mass suicide of the members of a secluded sect.
The Fuse: Or How I Burned Simon Bolivar - Using personal home video footage, this documentary follows how a young boy's attempts to avoid a poor mark on a school assignment in 1990's Sarajevo, may have contributed to a civil war.
Afternoon Tea - An elderly Indian man is questioned by a young boy who shows up at his doorstep to use his phone, revealing that we're quick to jump to assumptions that can have serious consequences.
The Paris Quintet In Practice Makes Perfect - Sharply dressed and exquisitely choreographed, five men go about their daily routine in a cramped apartment in this fun and fashionable short film.
The Pedestrian Jar - Hit a pedestrian with your car, put a quarter in the office jar. It's that simple. And fun.
The Red Virgin - Madrid, 1933: Aurora Rodriguez Carballeira shoots to death Hildegart, the 18 year-old daughter she had raised and tailored to become the utopian woman of the future.
“SCC: PROGRAMME 2” (2011 short films directed by Matthew Rankin, Ian Lagarde, Igor Drljaca, DJ Parmar, Benjamin Schuetze, Evan Morgan, Mark Slutsky)
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LanguageEnglish, French
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