Scc: Programme 1  [2011]
DirectorEnrico Colantoni, Hugh Dillon, Craig Goodwil, Renaud Hallée, Gina Haraszti, Jeanne Leblanc, Kyle Sanderson
CastMikhail Ahooja, Toya Alexis, Liane Balaban, Chantal-Fortin, Guillaume Cyr, Hugh Dillon, William Christopher Ellis, Simon Ennis, Fuel Handling, Julie de Lafreniere, Marc-André Lapointe, Laurent-Dominic, Gabriel Noël-Letendre, Josh Peace, Alanis Peart, Rob Ramsay, Lisa Ray, Julian Richings, Josh Simmons, Steve Stack, Frances Stecyk, Madeline Thomson, Roch Tibauld, Peter Valdron
Screening as part of SCC: Programme 1:
One Night With You - A fat young man's lustful fantasies are crushed by his insecure and immature reality.
Issues - A troubled clown in therapy, played by Hugh Dillon, gives his psychiatrist a challenging assignment.
Patch Town - An epic musical satire featuring an oppressive management team at Patch Town Enterprises (where cabbage babies are born everyday on the work line) lead by a merciless villain and a man trying to liberate himself from the claws of the system to retrieve a sense of family. Starring Lisa Ray and Julian Richings.
Waning - A man, a dead woman, a depleted apartment. Not your typical murder mystery, Waning takes on the visual and temporal deconstruction of a homicide in a single fractured frame.
Combustion - A rare visual trip into the elements, when fire, darkness and sound dictate each other to create a possessing rhythm.
Up In Cottage Country - An absurd re-imagining of Kafka's In Der Strafkolonie, Up in Cottage Country has George (Josh Peace), stumble upon an elaborate torture machine operated by a defunct Officer (Julian Richings).
Lie Down and Die - A bitter-sweet comedy about Seth's will to live in a world where all his family members have died bizarre deaths.
“SCC: PROGRAMME 1” (2011 short films directed by Jeanne Leblanc, Hugh Dillon, Enrico Colantoni, Craig Goodwil, Gina Haraszti, Renaud Hallée, Simon  Ennis, Kyle Sanderson)
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Runtime1:14 (74min)
LanguageEnglish, French
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