La Salada  [2014]
Cast, Paloma Contreras, Ignacio Huang, , Chang Sun Kim, Yunseon Kim, , Limbert Ticona, Lizeth Villaroel
La Salada depicts the experience of new immigrants in Argentina told through three stories that take place in La Salada — the largest informal market in Argentina. A group of characters from different ethnic origins struggle against loneliness and uprooting.
For three days each week, from the afternoon to the early hours of the morning, thousands of people flock to the outskirts of Buenos Aires to buy discounted wares at "La Salada," South America's largest informal market. Begun by Bolivian immigrants in 1991, and fuelled by Argentina's financial crisis, the market has become an entire economy unto itself. In his poignant debut, La Salada, director Juan Martin Hsu presents this unique and vibrant locale from the vantage points of new immigrants to Argentina.
La Salada depicts its characters' experience as one of heart-rending limbo: they're not at home in Argentina, yet they no longer belong to the countries they were born in. It's a middle ground that the marketplace seems to embody, and in exploring its myriad stalls and spaces, Martin Hsu's gorgeous film captures the singular spirit of a fascinating reality.
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“LA SALADA” (2014 feature film directed by )
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Runtime1:28 (88min)
LanguageKorean, Mandarin, Quechan, Spanish
****   IMDb
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