Ruth & Alex  [2014]
Life Itself, Heroic Measures
DirectorRichard Loncraine
CastMichael Cristofer, Morgan Freeman, Korey Jackson, Sterling Jerins, Diane Keaton, Cynthia Nixon, Josh Pais, Carrie Preston, Miriam Shor, Claire Vanderboom
A long-married couple (Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton) have an eventful weekend after they are forced to contemplate selling their beloved Brooklyn apartment.
Based on Jill Ciment’s novel, Heroic Measures. Ruth & Alex is set over a weekend where a couple (Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton) must decide whether or not to sell their Brooklyn walk up of 40 years. The story takes a comedic turn when the dynamic couple have to contend with eccentric open house guests, their pushy realtor niece, and the health of their beloved family dog — all while navigating a New York on edge from what turns out to be an media-generated terror threat.
2014 Screening Schedule
“RUTH & ALEX” (2014 feature film directed by Richard Loncraine)
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Runtime1:32 (92min)
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