Remember  [2015]
DirectorAtom Egoyan
CastBruno Ganz, Martin Landau, Heinz Lieven, Dean Norris, Christopher Plummer, Jurgen Prochnow
An elderly Holocaust survivor (Academy Award winner Christopher Plummer) sets out to exact vengeance on the former concentration camp guard who murdered his family, in this compelling thriller from master director Atom Egoyan.
Remember is the contemporary story of Zev, who discovers that the Nazi guard who murdered his family some 70 years ago is living in America under an assumed identity. Despite the obvious challenges, Zev sets out on a mission to deliver long-delayed justice with his own trembling hand. What follows is a remarkable cross-continent road-trip with surprising consequences.
2015 Screening Schedule
“REMEMBER” (2015 feature film directed by Atom Egoyan)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:35 (95min)
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