Porfirio  [2011]
DirectorAlejandro Landes
CastPorfirio Ramirez Aldana, Jarlinsson, Ramirez Reinoso, Yor Jasbleidy Santos Torre
A man disabled by a stray police bullet lives in a world that stretches only from bed to wheelchair in a faraway city on the outskirts of the Colombian Amazon. There, he sells call time on his cellular phone to get by as he waits in vain for a government cheque and takes calls that are never for him. Determined to make himself heard, he hatches a desperately violent plan to take back the reins of his life – only to find himself back where he began.
Tells the true story of a Colombian man, crippled in a wheelchair after being injured in a crossfire with the police, that after more than a decade asking for a disability allowance decides to hijack a plane with the help of his teen son in order to attract attention from the country’s president about his situation.
The film is the first Colombian film shot in Cinemascope with the intention to fully portray the complexity of the horizontal world the main character finds himself sunk into. Main photography took place in natural Colombian locations in the area of Claquetá.
2011 Screening Schedule
Scotiabank Theatre
[map]   090919F4
Cineplex Yonge-Dundas
[map]   091121A5
TIFF Bell Lightbox
[map]   091819B3

“PORFIRIO” (2011 feature film directed by Alejandro Landes)
Audience buzzZZ---
Runtime1:46 (106min)
CountryArgentina, Colombia, Spain, Uruguay
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