Partners In Crime  [2014]
Kong Feng
DirectorChang Jung-Chi
CastYao Ai-ning, Wen Chen-ling, Wu Chien-ho, Sunny Hung, Cheng Kai-yuan, Deng Yu-kai
Three high school boys discover that there may be more than meets the eye in the apparent suicide of a pretty classmate, in this engrossing mystery thriller from Taiwanese director Chang Jung-chi (Touch of the Light).
When a girl who is loved by her entire school commits suicide, everyone tries to understand why. A good student, a bad student, and a weird student happen to discover her body on their way to school, and their lives become fatefully intertwined in their search for the truth behind the girl’s death.
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“PARTNERS IN CRIME” (2014 feature film directed by Chang Jung-Chi)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:29 (89min)
***˝   IMDb
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