The Paradise Suite  [2015]
DirectorJoost van Ginkel
CastErik Adelöw, Jasna Djuricic, Boris Isakovic, Magnus Krepper, Anjela Nedyalkova, Issaka Sawadogo
This dexterous tale of survival from director Joost van Ginkel traces the intersecting stories of six immigrants from very different backgrounds in Amsterdam who learn that they can irreversibly influence each other's lives, sometimes with just one glance.
Van Ginkel shows impressive dexterity as he navigates this complex network of characters who, tangled up in situations miles away from their ideas of paradise, are all tirelessly searching for something better. Some of them are heroic, some are just getting by, but by the time The Paradise Suite reaches its grand finale, each of them will be forever altered by a transformative encounter with another.
2015 Screening Schedule

“THE PARADISE SUITE” (2015 feature film directed by Joost van Ginkel)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:58 (118min)
LanguageBosnian, Bulgarian, Dutch, French, Serbian, Swedish
CountryBulgaria, Netherlands, Sweden
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