P.s. Jerusalem  [2015]
DirectorDanae Elon
CastAmos Touitou Elon, Andrei Touitou Elon, Tristan Touitou Elon, Luai Musa Hatib, Philip Touitou
Returning to her hometown of Jerusalem with her young family after several years abroad, documentarian Danae Elon offers an intimate, ground’s-eye view of one of the most fiercely contested cities in the world.
Danae Elon grew up in Jerusalem. After many years of living abroad, she moves back with her three young sons and French-Algerian husband Philip who are fresh to the city. Over three years, she documents their experiences, bearing witness to what makes Jerusalem so fiercely contested. A looming presence is the memory of her late father, the esteemed author Amos Elon, seen in home movies. Through the prism of one family’s life, the film exposes a complex portrait of Jerusalem today.
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“P.S. JERUSALEM” (2015 feature film directed by Danae Elon)
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Runtime1:27 (87min)
LanguageArabic, English, Hebrew
CountryCanada, Israel
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