The Owners  [2014]
DirectorAdilkhan Yerzhanov
CastAidyn Sakhaman, Yerbolat Yerzhan, Aliya Zainalova
Three orphaned siblings find themselves battling with a corrupt local police chief over ownership of their mother’s ancestral home, in this playfully stylized, deadpan-funny tragicomedy from Kazakh director Adilkhan Yerzhanov.
Twenty-five-year-old John, his teenage brother Yerbol, and their sickly 12-year-old sister Aliya, are forced to leave their house in the Kazakh city of Almaty when they become orphaned. By luck, their mother left them a house in a remote village but when they arrive, they find themselves battling with a corrupt local police chief whose alcoholic brother has been living in the house illegally for 10 years. Through the alembic of the absurd, this tragicomedy depicts routine injustice growing to unexpected cruelty, against a background of hilarious indifference.
2014 Screening Schedule
“THE OWNERS” (2014 feature film directed by Adilkhan Yerzhanov)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:33 (93min)
***   Cine-vue
***   IMDb
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