Out Of Nature  [2014]
Mot Naturen
DirectorOle Giæver
CastOle Giæver, Rebekka Nystadbakk, Marte Magnusdotter Solem, Sivert Giæver Solem, Ellen Birgitte Winther
A put-upon salary man seeks spiritual renewal in the Great Outdoors, in this sharp comic drama from Norwegian director Ole Giæver.
Out of Nature is a journey inside Martin’s head and out into the wild nature. Martin is alone on a hiking trip in the mountains and we hear all of his uncensored thoughts and brutally honest observations about himself and the people around him. With thoughts and fantasies ranging from the trivial and infantile to the existential and profound, Out of Nature is an honest and funny portrait of a young man wanting to break the mold.
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“OUT OF NATURE” (2014 feature film directed by Ole Giæver)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:20 (80min)
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