Les Etres Chers  [2015]
Les êtres chers, Our Loved Ones
DirectorAnne Émond
CastValerie Cadieux, Maxim Gaudette, Mickael Gouin, Karelle Tremblay
The second film from award-winning writer-director Anne Émond (Nuit #1) is a decade-spanning family epic that chronicles the fortunes of a Québécois clan after the suicide of its patriarch.
The story begins in 1978 in a small town on the Lower St. Lawrence, where the Leblanc family is rocked by the tragic death of Guy, found dead in the basement of the family home. For many years, the real cause of his death is hidden from certain members of the family, his son David among them. David starts his own family with his wife Marie and lovingly raises his children, Laurence and Frédéric, but deep down he still carries with him a kind of unhappiness. Our Loved Ones is a film of filial love, family secrets, redemption and inherited fate.
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“LES ÊTRES CHERS” (2015 feature film directed by Anne Émond)
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Runtime1:42 (102min)
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