One Week  [2008]
DirectorMichael McGowan
CastLiane Balaban, Gord Downie, Emm Gryner, Joshua Jackson, Campbell Scott
Suddenly confronted with his mortality, Ben Tyler (Joshua Jackson) impulsively purchases a vintage motorcycle and embarks on a cross-Canada road trip in order to escape an impending marriage, an unfulfilling job and medical treatment that will compromise his way of life. Believing the trip to be unwise and reckless, his fiancée Samantha (Liane Balaban) refuses to accompany him, leaving him to contend with the immensity of the Canadian landscape and the enormity of his recent diagnosis on his own. In his travels, Ben encounters several individuals who help him to understand what he believes in and what he really wants out of life. While hiking in Banff, Ben becomes desperately lost and begins feeling the effects of the altitude or his illness, or both. Here in the mountains, in this moment of weakness, he has an intense encounter with a woman named Tracey (Emm Gryner), whose presence forces him to reevaluate his relationship with Samantha. Making a commitment to live a lifetime in each day, Ben opts to continue his westward journey. Finally, he arrives in Tofino, British Columbia, at mile zero of the Trans-Canada highway -- after a 4,000 kilometre journey, Ben has run out of west, unsure of which way to turn.
2008 Screening Schedule
Roy Thomson Hall
[map]   0821RT
“ONE WEEK” (2008 feature film directed by Michael McGowan)
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