Not My Type  [2014]
Pas Son Genre
DirectorLucas Belvaux
CastLoïc Corbery, Emilie Dequenne
A Parisian philosophy professor transferred to a dull provincial town (Loïc Corbery) learns to cut loose and live a little after he meets a brassy blonde coiffeuse (Emilie Dequenne), in this charming romance from director Lucas Belvaux (The Trilogy).
Clément, a young Parisian philosophy professor, is transferred to Arras for a year. Far from Paris and its nightlife, he doesn’t quite know what to do with his free time. Then he meets Jennifer, a pretty hairdresser who becomes his lover. While Clément’s life revolves around Kant and Proust, Jennifer’s is punctuated with chick lit, tabloids and karaoke evenings with her girlfriends. Free love and free hearts, they could live a beautiful romance together, but is it enough to bridge the social gap and cultural divide between them?
[Based on the novel by Philippe Vilain.]
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“NOT MY TYPE” (2014 feature film directed by Lucas Belvaux)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:51 (111min)
****   FrenchCinemareview
****   IMDb
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***   IonCinema
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