Neil Young Life  [2011]
DirectorJonathan Demme
CastJonathan Demme, Neil Young
At the culmination of Neil Young’s solo “Le Noise” tour, director Jonathan Demme documents the legendary rocker’s masterful return to Toronto’s iconic Massey Hall, with concert footage interspersed with a road trip through Ontario.
At sixty-five, Young retains a youthful vitality and musical curiosity that balances his wisdom and experience. Filmed over two nights and highlighting both new songs and some of the classics, Neil Young Life is a musical journey like no other.
For this Mavericks event, Young and Demme will present the world premiere of Neil Young Life in the splendid Princess of Wales Theatre, followed by a live conversation.
Presented by Thom Powers
“NEIL YOUNG LIFE” (2011 feature film directed by Jonathan Demme)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:27 (87min)
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