Neds  [2010]
DirectorPeter Mullan
CastMartin Bell, Linda Cuthbert, Richard Mack, David McKay, Marcus Nash, Marianna Palka, Steven Robertson, Douglas Russell
Set in 1970s Glasgow, this film tells the story of a shy and intelligent young boy who, through a series of circumstances, turns into a NED – a non-educated delinquent. Attending a new school, he becomes increasingly violent and aggressive, all the while searching for a way out.
Neds is set in Glasgow, 1973. The story follows a young John McGillan on the brink of adolescence, about to start secondary school. He’s a bright boy, a sensitive boy, eager to learn, but the cards are stacked high against him. The McGill family’s dirt poor, his hated father’s a drunken bully. His teachers – punishing John for the ‘sins’ of his older brother Benny – are down on him from the start. John’s on his own.
And then there’s the gangs. The Neds. Non-Educated Delinquents. The bad boys with weapons and attitude: cheap drugs, glam rock, fumbling sex, the violence and the camaraderie of the streets. Local monsters. Local heroes. Benny’s fearsome reputation buys John protection, and then a way in. Scared, resentful, full of rage, John makes his decision. If no one else will give him a chance: fuck them.
John takes to the savage life of the streets with a vengeance. But as his rage and frustration spin him further and further out of control, he is left facing a blank wall. No future. With one extraordinary chance of redemption.
“NEDS” (2010 feature film directed by Peter Mullan)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime2:04 (124min)
CountryUnited Kingdom
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