My Mother, My Bride And I  [2008]
Die Zweite Frau
DirectorHans Steinbichler
Of course it's crazy: going to Bucharest to meet prospective wives chosen from a catalogue. But it's alright with Erwin, who knows little of life and even less of women. Up to now, the only woman in his life has been his mother. Erwin is a mama's boy, and mama isn't into sharing. This becomes distressingly clear to Irina, the shy young woman Erwin brings back from the city. While Mother sharpens her claws and Irina transforms from meek to manic, Erwin must decide - in just three weeks - if this truly is his idea of "happily ever after."
2008 Screening Schedule
Varsity Cinema
[map]   0620V2
Scotiabank Theatre
[map]   0809F4
“MY MOTHER, MY BRIDE AND I” (2008 feature film directed by Hans Steinbichler)
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CountryGermany, Romania
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