My Love Awaits Me By The Sea  [2013]
Habibi Bistanani And Il Bahar
DirectorMais Darwazah
Inspired by the artist and writer Hasan Hourani’s wondrous reveries, this poetic, first-person essay chronicles filmmaker Mais Darwazah’s first-ever visit to her homeland, charting an exquisite journey to the seafront of Jaffa.
My Love Awaits Me by the Sea is filmmaker Mais Darwazah’s personal journey of self-discovery to “a place that only exists in your mind”. Retracing the last steps of late artist Hasan Hourani — a lover whom she has never met — she meets characters and visits their intimate worlds in search of ‘the dream', and sees how it is still alive within modern day Palestine, even amidst a very different reality of the outside world of occupation.
2013 Screening Schedule

“MY LOVE AWAITS ME BY THE SEA” (2013 feature film directed by Mais Darwazah)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:20 (80min)
CountryJordan, Palestine, Qutar
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