My Life As A Courgette  [2016]
Ma Vie De Courgette
DirectorClaude Barras
CastSixtine Mura, Gaspard Schlatter
Based on the book Autobiography of a Courgette by French author Gilles Paris, My Life as a Courgette tells the story of nine-year-old Courgette whose story, while unique, is surprisingly universal. After his mother’s sudden death, Courgette is befriended by a kind police officer Raymond, who accompanies him to a foster home filled with other kids his age. At first Courgette struggles to find his place in this at times strange and hostile environment, but with Raymond’s help and his new-found friends, Courgette eventually learns to trust, and find true friendship and a new family of his own.
This film is recommended for ages 12 and up.
N.B. some scenes may be upsetting for young viewers; coarse language; discussion of sex; mention of abuse, depression, suicide, and alcoholism; accidental death; threatened physical abuse; puppet nudity.
2016 Screening Schedule
“MY LIFE AS A COURGETTE” (2016 animated feature film directed by Claude Barras)
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Runtime1:06 (66min)
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