Mushrooming  [2012]
DirectorToomas Hussar
CastElina Reinold, Üllar Saaremäe, Raivo E. Tamm, Hendrik Toompere Jr.Jr., Juhan Ulfsak
Politician Aadu and his wife set out to pick mushrooms on a day A demeaning game-show appearance, an ill-advised mushroom-picking outing that goes horribly off the rails, inquiries from a cynical reporter — things just keep getting worse for the middle-aged politician at the centre of Estonian director Toomas Hussar's satire about a shallow, fame-obsessed post-Cold War culture.
When he gets a call from a journalist confronting him with suspected corruption. By coincidence, the married couple find themselves in a car with a pompous rock idol named Zäk. After discovering the spot his wife chose to pick mushrooms is full of vacationers, Aadu decides to find a quieter place. The woods where he ultimately ends up however, are perhaps too deep and inhospitable. Finding a way out may not be easy. This black comedy, with touches of political satire, aims at the often unscrupulous behaviour of contemporary politicians and media stars on their way to power and popularity.
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“MUSHROOMING” (2012 feature film directed by Toomas Hussar)
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Runtime1:33 (93min)
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