Much Loved  [2015]
DirectorNabil Ayouch
CastLoubna Abidar, Abdellah Didane, Sara Elmhamdi Elalaoui, Halima Karaouane, Asmaa Lazrak
Four sex workers turn to each other for support as they struggle to survive the corrupt and dangerous flesh markets of Marrakesh, in this hard-hitting docudrama from Moroccan director Nabil Ayouch.
The heat of Marrakesh’s night, money flows freely to the rhythms of lusts satiated and humiliations suffered. Noha, Randa, Soukaina, and Hlima sell pleasures of the flesh. They share an apartment and form a makeshift family, united in their womanhood, full of light, dignity and joy, they manage to keep their spirits and dreams alive. Their families depend on them, and as they move from one embrace to the other, they always go home loveless. A hard-hitting but luminous drama from Moroccan director Nabil Ayouch.
[Ron Levi, Deputy Director of the Munk School and Director of the Master of Global Affairs Degree, is an expert on how people respond to crime and violence in a global context. He will speak about Much Loved in an extended Q&A session following the second public screening of the film.]
Presented by Ron Levi
2015 Screening Schedule
“MUCH LOVED” (2015 feature film directed by Nabil Ayouch)
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Runtime1:44 (104min)
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