A Monster In Paris  [2011]
Un Monstre À Paris
DirectorBibo Bergeron
CastAdam Goldberg, Sean Lennon, Catherine O'Hara, Vanessa Paradis
A 3D-animated movie set in Paris in the year 1910 and centered on a monster who lives in a garden and his love for a beautiful, young singer. Paris.
A Monster in Paris invites audiences to an enthralling world of adventure and fantasy.
Paris, 1910. Emile, a shy movie projectionist, and Raoul, a colourful inventor, find themselves embarked on the hunt for a monster terrorizing citizens. They join forces with the big-hearted star of the Bird of Paradise cabaret, an eccentric scientist and his irascible monkey to save the monster, who turns out to be an outsized but harmless flea, from the city's ruthlessly-ambitious police chief. One of Dreamworks Animation’s finest directors, Bibo Bergeron (Shark Tale, The Road to Eldorado) returns to his homeland with a supra-inventive project.
2011 Screening Schedule
TIFF Bell Lightbox
[map]   091013B2
Cineplex Yonge-Dundas
[map]   091716A7

“A MONSTER IN PARIS” (2011 3-D animated feature film directed by Bibo Bergeron)
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