Modra  [2010]
DirectorIngrid Veninger
CastMathieu Chesneau, Cyril Dugovic, Elena Dugovic, Alexander Gammal, Hallie Switzer
The story of two teenagers who discover themselves - and one another - on a week long summer trip to Slovakia.
Lina is seventeen years old and lives in Toronto with her mother. For one week during the summer holidays she plans to visit her extended family in Modra, a small town in Slovakia. When Lina is dumped by her boyfriend she invites Leco instead, a cute boy from school.
Not long after arriving in Modra, Lina and Leco discover they have little in common. To make matters worse, Lina's family mistakenly assumes they're a couple, setting off a chain reaction which leads to an explosion of repressed desire and confusion.
“MODRA” (2010 feature film directed by Ingrid Veninger)
Audience buzzZZ---
Runtime1:20 (80min)
CountryCanada, Slovakia
***   EyeWeekly
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