Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom  [2013]
DirectorJustin Chadwick
CastIdris Elba, Naomie Harris, Tony Kgoroge, Lindiwe Matshikiza, Riaad Moosa
A chronicle of Nelson Mandela's life journey from his childhood in a rural village through to his inauguration as the first democratically elected president of South Africa.
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom is based on South African President Nelson Mandela’s autobiography of the same name, which chronicles his early life, coming of age, education, and 27 years in prison before working to rebuild his country’s once-segregated society.
Release dateNovember 29, 2013
2013 Screening Schedule
“MANDELA: LONG WALK TO FREEDOM” (2013 feature film directed by Justin Chadwick)
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Runtime2:32 (152min)
CountrySouth Africa
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