Magallanes  [2015]
DirectorSalvador del Solar
CastDamián Alcázar, Federico Luppi, Christian Meier, Bruno Odar, Magaly Solier
An aged Peruvian taxi driver, formerly an aide to a feared military officer in the bloodiest days of government repression during the Shining Path insurgency, unexpectedly re-encounters a young indigenous woman who was brutally victimized by his superior.
While driving his cab, Magallanes unexpectedly meets Celina, a woman he first met more than 20 years ago, under completely different circumstances. In what would turn out to be a personal quest for redemption, Magallanes will do everything within his power to help her overcome her difficulties, only to find out that Celina would much rather give up everything she owns than accept his help.
2015 Screening Schedule

“MAGALLANES” (2015 feature film directed by Salvador del Solar)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:49 (109min)
CountryArgentina, Colombia, Peru, Spain
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