Lulu  [2014]
DirectorLuis Ortega
CastNahuel Pérez Bizcayart, Daniel Melingo, Ailín Salas
Two young urchins turn the streets of Buenos Aires into their own magical playground, in this vibrant portrait of young love from director Luis Ortega (Monobloc, The Dirty Saints).
Lucas and Ludmilla are two street kids in love with each other and with the city they live in. They move through it as if it was their own board game. Lucas works with his truck driver friend, Hueso, picking up cow and pig bones from the city butcher shops. In his spare time with Ludmilla he shoots at monuments and sculptures with his gun and commits small crimes for amusement.
2014 Screening Schedule
“LULU” (2014 feature film directed by Luis Ortega)
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Runtime1:24 (84min)
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