Leopardi  [2014]
Il Giovane Favoloso
DirectorMario Martone
CastElio Germano, Anna Mouglalis, Massimo Popolizio, Michele Riondino
A luminously beautiful biopic of the celebrated eighteenth-century Italian poet, essayist and philosopher Giacomo Leopardi, who created immortal verse whilst struggling with a debilitating illness.
Giacomo Leopardi is a prodigious kid raised under the supervision of his implacable father. Giacomo’s mind runs free in his house, his prison, while outside revolutions begin and he chases connections to the world. When he finally leaves, Italian high society opens its doors to him and the tormented poet struggles to adapt.
2014 Screening Schedule

“LEOPARDI” (2014 feature film directed by Mario Martone)
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Runtime2:17 (137min)
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