Last Cab To Darwin  [2015]
DirectorJeremy Sims
CastMichael Caton, Emma Hamilton, Ningali Lawford-Wolf, Mark Coles Smith, Jacki Weaver
Rex drives a cab and has never left Broken Hill in his life. When he discovers he doesn’t have long to live, he decides to drive across the heart of the country to Darwin, where he’s heard he will be able to die on his own terms; but along the way he discovers that before you can end your life you’ve got to live it, and to live it you’ve got to learn to share it.
In this adaptation of the successful stage play by Reg Cribb, a 70-year-old taxi driver diagnosed with terminal cancer undertakes a 3,000-mile journey to visit a pioneering physician in Darwin.
[Robert Steiner, Director of the Fellowships in Global Journalism Program, is a writer and award-winning former foreign correspondent now teaching journalism at the Munk School. He will speak about Last Cab To Darwin in a Q&A session following the second public screening of the film.]
Presented by Robert Steiner
2015 Screening Schedule
“LAST CAB TO DARWIN” (2015 feature film directed by Jeremy Sims)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime2:03 (123min)
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