Juvenile Offender  [2012]
Beom-joe So-nyeon
DirectorYi-kwan Kang
CastJunghyun Lee, Youngju Seo
A juvenile offender Ji-gu reunites with his young mom who he thought was dead.
Ji-gu is a 15-year-old juvenile offender under probation who lives with his ailing grandfather. When he is caught committing a crime, he is sent to the juvenile reformatory. Upon his grandfather’s passing, Ji-gu is reunited with his mother — whom he believed to be dead. Together they set out to make up for lost time.
Korean director Kang Yi-kwan evokes such troubled-youth classics as Rebel Without a Cause, The 400 Blows and L’enfance nue in this beautifully rendered character study of a fifteen-year-old boy struggling to stay on the straight and narrow.
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“JUVENILE OFFENDER” (2012 feature film directed by Yi-kwan Kang)
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Runtime1:47 (107min)
CountrySouth Korea
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