Joe Ouakam  [2010]
DirectorWasis Diop
CastJoe Ouakam, Issa Samb
A day with the artist Joe Ouakam.
Born in 1945, Issa Samb lives and works in Dakar as a painter, sculptor, playwright, actor, author of installations and live performances, and shaman. An artist and poet philosopher agitator.
Painter, sculptor, Joe Ouakam was born in 1945 in Dakar, a family and lives in Lebu Plateau Dakar. His legendary address 17, rue Jules Ferry is known to all. But they do not all have the courage to jump the iron gate. In the courtyard of the house, amulets, dusty tables, old chairs turned into objects of art, every throne at the foot of a giant tree erected in the courtyard of the house.
Renowned Senegalese musician Wasis Diop has chosen one of his favorite artists as the subject of his first film. Diop follows the feet of Joe Ouakam through the streets of Dakar and back to his cours, where he lives and works and maintains a permanent exhibition. Ouakam walks a lot through the streets and alleys of the city, and it is this energy that Diop captures, along with his deeply reflective personality. Joe Ouakam was a lifelong friend of Djibril Diop Mambéty, the brother of Wasis Diop.
Won Prize for Best Documentary at CinéSud 2011; Cozes, France
["The Walls of Dakar" by Abdoul Aziz Cissé, will follow "Joe Ouakam"]
“JOE OUAKAM” (2010 short documentary film directed by Wasis Diop)
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