Jesus And The Giant  [2008]
DirectorAkin Omotoso
The Johannesburg-set short film Jesus and the Giant (South Africa) by Akin Omotoso will screen before the previously announced Discovery title MEDICINE FOR MELANCHOLY.
This experimental film is set in modern day Johannesburg. Written by Aryan Kaganof and directed by Akin Omotoso it is shot entirely (save for the last shot of the film) on a digital stills camera. Over 7000 photographs have been stitched together to create movement. The effect gives the film a visceral intensity that relates to its theme of violence and redemption. The world around our characters is fractured, moments are frozen, and others are faster than the speed of light. Set in the urban intensity of downtown Johannesburg, Jesus is a special woman. Her eyes are windows to the world. She has powers she herself doesn't understand but ultimately she is a warrior for peace. Then one day, her friend Mary arrives at her doorstep beaten to a pulp by her boyfriend who is known simply as The Giant. Mary puts Jesus in a dilemma. Jesus has to choose whether to continue to nurse Mary or take revenge on the deadly Giant. What happens when one of the symbols of peace is forced to challenge that belief?
(Shot on Nikon D70S and 35mm Color.)
2008 Screening Schedule
“JESUS AND THE GIANT” (2008 short film directed by Akin Omotoso)
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CountryNigeria, South Africa
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