The Island President  [2011]
DirectorJon Shenk
CastMohamed Aslam, Mark Lynas, Ahmed Naseem, Mohamed Nasheed, Paul Roberts, Ahmed Shaheed, Aminath Shauna
In this whirlwind political documentary, Mohamed Nasheed wins the presidency after a 20-year battle for democracy in the Maldives, only to face an unfathomable challenge: to save his island nation from rising seas.
The Island President
follows Nasheed as he takes the climate fight to backroom chambers of power in New York, London, Delhi, and finally into the fierce realpolitik of the Copenhagen Climate Conference. The film gains remarkable access to Nasheed’s first year in office as he sets out to influence the world’s superpowers.
In this Mavericks session, TIFF presents the world premiere of The Island President, followed by a live conversation with President Nasheed and director Jon Shenk.
Presented by Thom Powers
“THE ISLAND PRESIDENT” (2011 feature film directed by Jon Shenk)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:41 (101min)
Theislandpresident (official)
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