Inumber Number  [2013]
DirectorDonovan Marsh
CastPresley Chweneyagae, Israel Makoe, S'dumo Mtshali, Owen Sejake
Adroitly written and directed by South African filmmaker Donovan Marsh, this action-packed heist thriller — about a pair of cops battling corrupt colleagues as well as a gang of armoured-car thieves — boasts an oddball cast that brings comic relief to the ruthless thuggery.
When undercover cop Chili (S’dumo Mtshali) and his partner (Presley Chweneyagae) are cheated out of a reward by their corrupt superior, Chili decides to jump ship and infiltrate a cash-in-transit heist gang, but he cannot do it without protection from his partner and friend. When his carefully staged plan goes awry and his friend is taken hostage, so begins the mad chase to rescue him.
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“INUMBER NUMBER” (2013 feature film directed by Donovan Marsh)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:36 (96min)
CountrySouth Africa
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