Inside Tiff Bell Lightbox  [2010]
Tiff Bell Lightbox: Inside
DirectorNoah Cowan
Following the official ribbon cutting on September 12, TIFF will offer free admission to the building, welcoming visitors to enjoy the spectacular design of Canada’s newest cultural destination and experience a diverse selection of screenings, film-based artworks from major international artists and filmmakers, and the Essential Cinema exhibition, which features iconic objects and photographs from the history of cinema.
12:20 pm – 4 pm [*unless otherwise noted]
Cinema 1: Celebrating TIFF’s 35th anniversary, TIFF@35, directed and produced by Barry Avrich, features the history of Festival trailers, red carpet footage and images from the past 35 years. Also screening is Starting Over: The Legacy of Leslie and Clara Reitman, a film paying tribute to the parents of Ivan, Agi and Susan. This film was commissioned by TIFF and directed and produced by Nobu Adilman.
Cinema 2: Screening on a loop, Preludes consists of ten original short films by pre-eminent Canadian filmmakers that were originally commissioned for the Festival’s 25th anniversary.
Cinema 3: A cinematic trailer produced by Stephen Garrett incorporating images from all films on the Essential 100 list.
Cinema 4: 8½ Screens, a special new commission from Atom Egoyan, reverses the relationship between projector, audience and screen by remixing the famous projection room sequence in Federico Fellini’s 8½.
Cinema 5: E-100 by James Andean and François Xavier Saint-Pierre is a sound installation in which key samples of film dialogue culled from the films on the Essential 100 list are heard both clearly and obliquely in conjunction with a randomizer algorithm patched to various instrumental samples.
In Nyman with a Movie Camera, Michael Nyman revisits one of the high-points of his career: the composition of his now-famous score for Dziga Vertov's Man With a Movie Camera substituting new images, shot-for-shot, for Vertov’s own, and then reapplying his score. * This event starts at 8 pm.
Atrium: What’s Your Essential 100?, an interactive installation that invites visitors to text in their favourite films from the Essential 100 list and see a dynamic visualization of images projected above the box office.
Starting Over: The Legacy of Leslie and Clara Reitman a film paying tribute to the parents of Ivan, Agi and Susan. This film was commissioned by TIFF and directed and produced by Nobu Adilman
Home is a short film commissioned by TIFF and the King and John Festival Corporation as part of the HOME heritage programme.
Gallery: The Essential Cinema exhibition of objects, posters, photographs, artworks by major international artists and other iconic items from the Essential 100 films, and TIFF commissions including Guy Maddin’s Hauntings I, eleven projections that recreate fragments of lost or unrealized film masterpieces.
Gallery Annex: Douglas Gordon’s 24 Hour Psycho Back and Forth and To and Fro, consisting of two side-by-side projections of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. Both projections are slowed down to a duration of twenty-four hours, one playing forwards and the other in reverse so that they meet at one point.
RBC Learning Centre: Features two pieces by Ming Wong, the first inspired by Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar-wai’s In the Mood for Love and the second by Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Ali: Fear Eats the Soul.
Canadian Film Gallery: Three elements: a TIFF@35 poster exhibition, the Project Grizzly bear suit and a Brian Linehan tribute.
“INSIDE TIFF BELL LIGHTBOX” (2010 feature film directed by Noah Cowan)
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Runtime1:00 (60min)
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