In The Crosswind  [2014]
DirectorMartti Helde
CastEinar Hillep, Ingrid Isotamm, Laura Peterson, Mirt Preegel, Tarmo Song
In 1941, an Estonian woman and her young daughter struggle to find their way home after being deported to Siberia by the Soviet occupiers, in this dreamlike saga of survival inspired by a true story.
Without warning, Erna and her family are removed from their home and without a trial she is deported to Siberia. Fighting starvation and humiliation, her soul seeks and finds freedom in the letters she sends to her husband, who has been sentenced to a separate prison camp. Based on a true story, In the Crosswind tells a visually extraordinary, heart-wrenching tale of the fate of tens of thousands of people in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania during the purge of native inhabitants of the Baltic countries ordered by Joseph Stalin in 1941.
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“IN THE CROSSWIND” (2014 feature film directed by Martti Helde)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:30 (90min)
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