In Between  [2016]
Bar Bahr
DirectorMaysaloun Hamoud
CastMouna Hawa, Sana Jammelieh, Shaden Kanboura, Mahmoud Shalaby
In Between is a portrait of three Arab Israeli women, living and loving in Tel Aviv. It captures their complex daily duality, caught between hometown tradition and big city abandon, and the challenges they must face for a lifestyle that seems obvious to many.
[Janice Stein, founding Director of the Munk School of Global Affairs and member of the Order of Canada, is a renowned expert in international conflict management, foreign policy decision-making, and negotiation theory. She will speak about In Between in an extended Q&A session following the second public screening of the film.]
Presented by Janice Stein
2016 Screening Schedule
“IN BETWEEN” (2016 feature film directed by Maysaloun Hamoud)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:36 (96min)
LanguageArabic, Hebrew
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