The Immoral  [2013]
De Umoralske
DirectorLars Daniel Krutzkoff Jacobsen
CastHanne Backe-Hansen, Daniel Gjerde, Kjetil Krogstad Skrede
Lars Daniel Krutzkoff Jacobsen’s corrosive look at contemporary Norwegian society is also a hilarious and provocative comedy that cuts across class lines and rampages through notions of good taste, as it follows an ex-soldier and a single mother who go into the prostitution business after getting kicked off welfare.
Camilla and William are not able to adapt to the Norwegian welfare paradise. When the authorities want to take Camilla’s baby, the two drifters run away into the woods. There, William suggests that Camilla becomes a prostitute so they can buy themselves a camper and drive to Spain. But in order to sell sex they need a house.
2013 Screening Schedule
“THE IMMORAL” (2013 feature film directed by Lars Daniel Krutzkoff Jacobsen)
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Runtime1:27 (87min)
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