Imbisibol  [2015]
DirectorLawrence Fajardo
CastBernardo Bernardo, Ricky Davao, Allen Dizon, JM De Guzman, Ces Quesada
This stark and heart-wrenching film weaves together several narratives about undocumented Filipino workers trying to support themselves and their families back home by taking under-the-counter work in Japan.
Invisible essays the story of four Filipino migrant workers in Japan, in a crucial encounter that mirrors the difficult challenges that confront the “Pinoy” diaspora. The main characters in the film include Linda, a mail-to-order-bride who married a Japanese “salaryman”; Benjie, an illegal migrant worker who has been jumping from one odd job to another in the last 17 years; Manuel, an overstayer who now works as a male entertainer in a bar in the red light district; and Rodel, a newcomer who works as a day labourer in a logging company.
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“IMBISIBOL” (2015 feature film directed by Lawrence Fajardo)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime2:12 (132min)
LanguageFilipino, Japanese, Tagalog
CountryJapan, Philippines
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