Igor & The Cranes' Journey  [2012]
Igor Vemasa Ha'agurim
DirectorEvgeny Ruman
CastCher, Menashe Noy, Gera Sandler, Ola Schur Selektar, Alexander Senderovich, Itai Shcherback, Tomasz Sobczak
An estranged father and son are brought together by a young crane named Karl as they trace a family of the birds on their migratory journey from Russia to Africa.
During his involuntary migration from Russia to Israel, 11-year-old Igor faces many challenges, just like the baby crane Igor observed hatching while he was still together with his dad in Russia. Their close and caring watch over the crane's journey helps both father and son accomplish their adventure!
2012 Screening Schedule

“IGOR & THE CRANES' JOURNEY” (2012 feature film directed by Evgeny Ruman)
Audience buzz-----
Runtime1:30 (90min)
LanguageHebrew, Russian
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