I Am Somebody / Women & Film 40th Anniversary
DirectorMadeline Anderson
CastRalph Abernathy, Leon Davis, Coretta Scott King
In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Toronto Women & Film Festival, founder, scholar and former programmer Kay Armatage joins us for an onstage discussion with director Madeline Anderson, preceded by a special screening of Anderson’s short film, I Am Somebody, which screened at the original event.
The film documents 400 hospital workers who went on strike to fight for union rights, equal pay for equal work, dignity and respect. All but 12 of the workers were women, and all of them were black. This struggle took place in Charleston, South Carolina and it was one of the last of the coalitions between civil rights and labour.
Presented by Kay Armatage
2013 Screening Schedule

“I AM SOMEBODY / WOMEN & FILM 40TH ANNIVERSARY” (1970 short documentary film directed by Madeline Anderson)
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