Home From Home - Chronicle Of A Vision  [2013]
Home From Home – Chronicle of a Vision, (die Andere Heimat - Chronik Einer Sehnsucht
DirectorEdgar Reitz
CastAntonia Bill, Marita Breuer, Philine Lembeck, Maximilian Scheidt, Jan Dieter Schneider
Edgar Reitz tells this dramatic story of love and family against the backdrop of rural Germany in the mid-19th century, a time when entire poverty-stricken villages emigrated to faraway South America. The story centres on two brothers who have to decide whether they will stay or go.
Set in the mid-19th century, this latest instalment in the decades-spanning Heimat series from venerable German filmmaker Edgar Reitz chronicles the quests of two Hunsrück families to escape poverty and famine by forging a new life in Brazil.
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“HOME FROM HOME – CHRONICLE OF A VISION” (2013 feature film directed by Edgar Reitz)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime3:45 (225min)
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