Home Again  [2012]
DirectorSudz Sutherland
CastTatyana Ali, Lyriq Bent, Richard Chevolleau, Fefe Dobson, Stephan James, CCH Pounder
Three Jamaicans who are deported from the U.S. Canada and England must make their way in a land that they are not familiar with.
Home Again is about three adults raised “foreign” (in the USA, United Kingdom and Canada) from childhood and deported back to their birth country, Jamaica. Back “home” each discovers a different Jamaica from the paradise in vacation ads. We follow these three deportees on a journey for survival that surprisingly is filled with hope.
Home Again tells the story of three young people deported home to Jamaica after being raised abroad since infancy. Once landed in Kingston and without a compass of any kind, each of the characters embarks on a journey that pushes their endurance beyond measure and forces them to discover who they truly are. On the most fundamental level, Home Again asks the question, How would you survive?
A story based in fact; the script was inspired by international government practice of deporting incarcerated landed immigrants to rid itself of unwanted population. The issue is a particularly difficult problem in Jamaica where the deportee population outnumbers the prison population by three times, where there are little to no resources to help deportees establish new lives, and where the deportees are largely blamed for the serious violence. Jamaica has the third highest per capita murder rate in the world.
The Canadian-produced feature, Sudz's second, was shot on location in Trinidad, Jamaica and Canada, earlier this year.
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“HOME AGAIN” (2012 feature film directed by Sudz Sutherland)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:50 (110min)
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