High Society  [2014]
Le Beau Monde
DirectorJulie Lopes-Curval
CastBastien Bouillon, Ana Girardot, Baptiste Lecaplain, Sergi Lopez, Aurélia Petit
Class barriers threaten the budding romance of two young lovers striving to realize their artistic ambitions.
Twenty-year-old Alice lives in Normandy. Passionate about embroidery, she invents and creates, trying to find her own path. Contemplating what to do with her innate talent, she meets Agnes, a rich Parisian lady who helps her get into a prestigious school. Without hesitation, Alice leaves everything behind to start a new life in Paris. When she meets Antoine, Agnes’ son, they fall passionately in love. Antoine finds in Alice a sincerity and simplicity that frees him from the bourgeois environment he hates, while Alice risks losing herself in a fascinating new world.
2014 Screening Schedule

“HIGH SOCIETY” (2014 feature film directed by Julie Lopes-Curval)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:35 (95min)
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