Hidden Driveway  [2011]
DirectorSarah Goodman
CastGeorge MacFarlane, Jacob Veninger Switzer
Alex, 11 and Chaz, 14, frankly speculate on the reason their mother just called them for a family meeting.
Two brothers sitting on a park bench in mid-winter receive a call from their mom, who unexpectedly announces a family meeting. As the boys walk towards home, they argue about what could possibly be wrong with their parents, each trying to hide their increasing anxiety from the other.
From the director, Sarah Goodman: "In HIDDEN DRIVEWAY two brothers argue about the possible reason for an impending family meeting. This film is part of my continued exploration into the culture of young people, in this case brothers, where parents exist in a kind of 'Charlie Brown' separate universe. As in my private school doc WHEN WE WERE BOYS these brothers also create a code with which to understand the world by. Incidentally, my young star Jacob Switzer, is actually Ingrid Veninger's son, and he acts in her film too. So there is a parallel child/parent story in real life to be told. Her film as well echoes the theme of the divide between parents and children."
NOTE: Screens with "i am a good person / i am a bad person" by Ingrid Veninger.

“HIDDEN DRIVEWAY” (2011 short film directed by Sarah Goodman)
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