Habibi  [2011]
Habibi Rasak Kharban
DirectorSusan Youssef
CastMaisa Abd Elhadi, Amer Khalil, Najwa Mubarki, Kais Nashef, Yussef Abu Warda
Re-telling Majnun Layla, an epic poem on a forbidden love marks the first fiction feature set in Gaza. Two Gazan students in the West Bank are forced to return home, where their love defies tradition. To woo his lover, Qays scribbles verse across walls all over the refugee camp where they live.
2011 Screening Schedule
Cineplex Yonge-Dundas
[map]   091418A7
Scotiabank Theatre
[map]   091521F4
Cineplex Yonge-Dundas
[map]   091709A0

“HABIBI” (2011 feature film directed by Susan Youssef)
Audience buzzZ----
Runtime1:18 (78min)
CountryPalestine, United Arab Emirates
HabibitheFilm (official)
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