Gypsy  [2011]
DirectorMartin Sulík
CastMiroslav Gulyas, Martina Kotlarova, Jan Mizigar
Adam, a 14-year-old Romani boy from the settlements, learns his father has been killed. No one knows what happened. There is no evidence and no witnesses. After the funeral, his mother does not mourn long. She wants to guarantee her children's security, so she marries her brother-in-law, the loan shark and thief, Ziga. Adam's life changes from one day to the next. He has suddenly grown up. He helps his mother, takes care of his siblings, and does his best to protect them from Ziga's influence. He has only two joys in life - his training as a boxer and his black-eyed girlfriend Julka. When his mother is taken to the maternity ward, his stepfather draws Adam and his brothers into his dubious business. Police arrest the boys in the act of stealing and only the fact that they are minors spares them from prison. Adam gradually loses everything that gave him security: They throw him out of the boxing club and Julka's parents send her to the Czech Republic. The boy finds himself more and more in conflict with the laws of his own community. While arguing with the cynical Ziga, he realizes who is behind his father's death. He tries to escape this hopeless situation, but his efforts end tragically.
2011 Screening Schedule
Cineplex Yonge-Dundas
[map]   090914A3
Cineplex Yonge-Dundas
[map]   091018A4
Art Gallery of Ontario
[map]   091721JH
“GYPSY” (2011 feature film directed by Martin Sulík)
Audience buzzZZ---
Runtime1:47 (107min)
LanguageRomanian, Slovak
CountryCzech Republic, Slovakia
***˝   IMDb
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